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The true value of Digital Marketing


So you have a ran a few Facebook ad campaigns and have seen zero return on your Ad spend. You try a few more times but still do not see any return on investment.

You are now thinking, why should I spend more money on advertising or my website. The problem is this: if your ads and website are not set up to convert customers, then you are just wasting money on Ad campaigns.

When we work with clients at Display Digital, we provide value at the first interaction. We have worked hard to provide resources for prospective clients and small business owners to use to help shape their digital marketing strategies.

We approach clients by hearing the problem they face, writing down specifics, and asking curious questions. We always provide success stories if they provide value to a prospective client. This is the proof in the pudding.

“People buy why you do it, not how.” -Simon Sinek.

Now, here is the true value of your digital marketing efforts

The value of Organic Social Media

The short answer is brand engagement, exposure, and industry relevance. Since Facebook has reduced organic reach and engagement on its platforms, it is hard to increase short-term ROI. Over the long term, with a solid SEO strategy, you will see page growth, increased web traffic and an increased ROI.

Organic social media is also great for turning your customers into brand advocates. Your customers will rave about you online if you have a great product or service.


Here is an example from WinSport. The post provides relevance to the times we live in and humanizes their brand. The page has a following of over 12K people, but the post reached 1700 users, which is around 10% reach, The average reach for an organic Instagram post reach is around 8%. You see these results because the post is relatable to their audience, and everyone is going through it.

So, what is the value of organic social media? Increased brand presence, community building, and lead generation. 

For more information on organic social media, check our blog Stop Talking, Start Listening.

The value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We often see so many digital marketers pushing nothing but paid strategies. Your website is your most important digital marketing asset, and increasing your Google rank and authority should always be a top priority. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and SEO work in sync with each other, paid strategies to help to drive initial sales/conversions while SEO works to maintain and produce long-term ROI.

There are four areas of SEO:

  1. Technical SEO
  2. On-page SEO
  3. Off-site SEO
  4. Content Marketing

To learn more about SEM and SEO, read our blog Measuring The Effectiveness of Your SEO Campaign.

The value of Pay Per Click advertising

Paid advertising is one of the most critical pieces of a digital strategy. It can provide new audience insights, buyer behaviours, and the customer journey in the short term. Using SEM and Paid Social Ads together will give you the most success.

Paid Advertising will:

  • Drive specific actions on your website
  • Increase sales from an online store
  • Gather leads for your CRM and sales team/funnel
  • Increase traffic and brand awareness

As we said earlier, some digital marketers will try to push paid advertising before organic strategies. This is because their business model is built around ad spend, and the more you spend, the more money they make. Every time you create a campaign, it should be aligned with growing your business’s bottom line, and conversions are the top priority.
To learn more about the myths and facts of digital marketing, read 5 Common Digital Marketing Myths and Facts.

The value of hiring a professional Digital Marketing Agency

A good digital marketer will always make decisions based on data. This includes developing a digital strategy that aligns with your business goals—developing a plan using paid and organic channels to reach them. Testing new content and ads to see what resonates the most with your audience. Develop visually appealing content and copy that emotionally connects with users. Ensure you are tracking all the right metrics and creating a user journey from the first interaction to the thank you page—all the while providing you with meaningful insights along the way.

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About Display Digital Marketing

We are honest people doing honest work. At Display Digital, we work with small businesses to help them grow and expand online. We don’t develop one-sized digital marketing packages. We produce value-based deliverables and focus on what matters to your business the most, increasing your revenues.

We use an analytical approach when onboarding clients. We look at your business from the bottom up, identify KPIs that matter, and create a custom strategy that best uses your dollars. Our service includes a comprehensive consult to audit your conversion funnel, brand presence and marketing tools. This process is an investment in the future of your business, and that is why we operate with non-fixed term retainers.

Our Calgary marketing agency utilizes the latest advertising and marketing technology, ensuring we maximize your sales and create a smooth buyer’s journey.