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Stop Talking. Start Listening To Your Customers on Social Media

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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your own business’s social media feed and ask yourself, “Is this content really what my customers care about?”

This question is what many agencies and in-house marketing teams ask themselves every day.

In this post, we will lay out 5 steps on how you can start listening and engaging with your customers today. We will tell you why being human at all costs will help your business grow and thrive during difficult times.

1. Relate to your customers and be human at all costs when creating content for social media

Customers want to know that the brands they interact with understand the hardships and problems they face daily. As a business, you can achieve this by posting content that shows the small things, such as working from home with kids running around. You can use the nuances in these scenes and photos to build messaging.

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Post Caption: What is more challenging: Finding your keys in these bags? Or your website on Google?

This content has elements of humour and addresses an issue a lot of our customers face. You can use social listening to create posts and update content on your website. It is great to use for blog writing, which then in turn can be used to share on social media.

2. Use social listening tools within planning tools such as Social Pilot or Sprout Social



Social listening has been an essential tool in recent years. It lets you see what customers are saying and the content that most interests them. It allows you to build a feed to see company mentions, hashtags and keywords. You can then take this information, adapt your brand, answer questions, and prepare for any potential crisis.

Invest in a social media tool such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite or Social Pilot (Our Favourite). These platforms allow you to build out specific feeds that track hashtags, page mentions and keywords. You can aggregate these feeds to see what your customers are saying about your brand/industry online. If you want to compare Hootsuite and Sprout Social, check out this article by UpCity.

3. Fill Social Media Calendar Gaps with User Generated Content (UGC) 

User-Generated Content is both an accessible and engaging way to interact with your customers.

You may be asking yourself, what if my business offers niche services or require certain expertise to use. Easy, create tutorials and ask your customers to recreate them and share on social. Better yet, create a series of DIY projects and ask your customers to film themselves doing them. You may need to tap into the elementary school teacher within you and create something unique and exciting.

4. Create poll posts

Get to know your customers more, ask them what types of content would be beneficial and engaging to see your brand.

You can utilize this feature in Instagram stories, Facebook Posts and other platforms. Use polls to really try and get to know your customers.

5. Use Social Listening To Tweak and Develop New Offerings

Listening to what is working for your customer and more about what isn’t working for them gives your business valuable insight. You can use this information to help make informed decisions around your offerings, make tweaks to an existing product or service. Better yet, create a whole new product offering or service that you never thought of before!


The world of social media and digital marketing is ever-changing. Now, more than ever, customers are flooding the internet and it is your job to understand their needs. Social listening is just one tool you can use to develop better content for your social media channels and website.

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