How to use search intent to increase Google Ad Profitability

using search intent for google campaigns

Search intent has been slowly evolving over the recent years. SEO and PPC experts have been analyzing search terms to understand the purpose behind the search terms a user’s inputs. Understanding the importance of search intent, you can ensure that you’re directing your ads and landing pages to the right audience. If you’re looking for […]

The true value of Digital Marketing


So you have a ran a few Facebook ad campaigns and have seen zero return on your Ad spend. You try a few more times but still do not see any return on investment. You are now thinking, why should I spend more money on advertising or my website. The problem is this: if your […]

How to Maximize Your Google Ad Campaign’s Profitability

how to maximize your Google Ad Campaign

So you just started running ad campaigns for your small business, a few months go by, and you are still not seeing any sales or conversions. You have a healthy budget and target what you think are the right keywords but still can’t drive conversions. You start searching online for DIY answers to improving campaigns […]